May 7, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Tendertwin

Singer-songwriter Tendertwin releases ‘Asking’, the first track from her debut EP ‘Ship Argo’, which is out in July. Using sudden and unexpected musical twists and turns, she rides the emotional wave of the song’s lyrics that balance despair and resilience

Approved: Tendertwin

Tendertwin has released new single ‘Asking’, the first track to be taken from her upcoming debut EP ‘Ship Argo’, which is out this summer.

Beginning as a gentle folk song, ‘Asking’ shifts its dynamics about a minute in, taking on a loose, groove heavy rock form. Then, in a surprise third act, it leans into dense harmonies. Each sharp about-turn serves the song perfectly, drawing out and fully exposing its emotional heft. 

“This is one of the dark times when I would wake up every day, wondering what would happen if I didn’t - on that thin line where nothing in life feels right”, she says of the time in her life that inspired the song. 

“When you want to reach your arms up above, to whoever might be there, or to the side, or towards a body of water, and go, ‘Am I asking for too much?’ You’re not”, she continues. “And if you had to perform this dangerous dance at any point, and pulled through in resilience, I’m glad you’re here now. And I’m glad I’m here to remind you of this”.

‘Ship Argo’ is out on 5 Jul, and you can catch Tendertwin at The Great Escape on 18 May. 

🎧 Watch the video for ‘Asking’ here:

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