Apr 16, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Thursday

Post-hardcore heroes Thursday are back with their first new music in over a decade. Reviving the classic Thursday sound, it scratches an itch that may well have been lying dormant in you for some time (if you’re anything like us). More good news, UK live shows are on the cards this summer

Approved: Thursday

Post-hardcore legends - and inspiration for an entire generation of sensitive youth - Thursday are back with their first new song in thirteen years.

'Application For Release From The Dream' is their first new material since the 2011 album 'No Devolución' and manages to scratch an itch I'd almost forgotten I had. Thursday have a revered back catalogue and have been successfully touring again in recent years with the addition of Norman Brannon (Texas Is the Reason) on guitar, but new material seemed highly unlikely despite their clearly energised revival. And yet, here we are, with brand new Thursday in 2024.

'Application' manages to pull off that rarest of feats by sounding like classic Thursday - to the point where on first listen it almost sounds familiar - whilst remaining singular in their catalogue. It's the Thursday that has lain dormant in my brain for all these years, a wormhole back to my blossoming interest in hardcore and all things adjacent as a teenager, and a beacon for what is still possible in a scene that has changed and evolved so much over the last 20 years.

A triumphant return. And if you want in on the live experience, Thursday are playing Outbreak Festival in Manchester on 30 Jun, as well as The Garage in London on 2 Jul.

You can also read more from Brannon in his hardcore zine Anti-Matter - itself a revival of a project many of us missed the first time round, and an insight into hardcore that just isn't available anywhere else.

🎧 Listen to 'Application For Release From The Dream' below.

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