Jan 16, 2018 1 min read

Approved: Warmduscher

Approved: Warmduscher

Newly signed to The Leaf Label, Warmduscher settle into their new home with new single ‘Big Wilma’. The band features members of Fat White Family, Childhood and Paranoid London, and the new deal paves the way for the follow-up to their 2015 album, ‘Khaki Tears’.

‘Big Wilma’ is a two minute flash of jittery, overdriven guitar, pumped forward by an insistent krautrock bassline. B-side ‘Neon Tongues’ takes a more considered approach, a dark, synth-led track beneath a monologue delivered by frontman Clams Baker.

As the band’s mysterious biographer Dr Alan Goldfarb puts it: “Your favourite boogie band is back with a soft clump of hair gripped tight in their collective palm. BIG WILMA LIVES! Waking and wiping the cobwebs and sand from her face, she moves towards the door. Fuel for the fire. Kerosene. BRING MORE KEROSENE! Throw it all on. These books won’t burn themselves”.

“Wilma is love for the strong and blitzkrieg for the weak”, he goes on. “She steps back to admire your clothes before striking. Remember the name. Remember the aroma. ‘Big Wilma’ is the new single by Warmduscher. An album will follow, as so often it does. The road to Whale City is long and moist. Lined with outstretched hands and forlorn looks. This is no silk road. No Route 66. You’re no longer stuck on the M25”.

So I think that should have answered all of your questions. Any more are probably dealt with in this video introduction to the band. You can also catch them live at The Windmill in Brixton on 1 Feb, as part of Independent Venue Week.

Listen to ‘Big Wilma’ here:

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