May 2, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Zoe Graham

Set to perform at Wide Days tonight, indie-pop singer-songwriter Zoe Graham writes catchy songs with a bright, self-assured quality. She’s just released her latest single ‘Evilin’, which she describes as “a battle cry” that portrays “a figure who's simultaneously relied upon and feared”

Approved: Zoe Graham
Photo credit: Rosie Sco

Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Zoe Graham infuses her indie-pop with a bright, self-assured quality, juxtaposing familiar catchiness with a sharp edge.

Her latest single 'Evilin' is a brass-backed odyssey delving into the tumultuous journey of entanglement with someone toxic. With guitars intertwining plush synths and tautly machined drums, Zoe's musical influences range from the likes of Kate Bush to St Vincent and Beck, creating a sound both familiar and refreshingly unique.

"'Evilin' is a battle cry", Zoe declares. "It embodies the turmoil of intentional confusion, portraying a figure who's simultaneously relied upon and feared".

Zoe reflects on the creation of the video for ‘Evilin’, envisioning a collision between Fanny Cradock and Killing Eve's Villanelle in a prim and proper cooking show, ultimately enlisting her mother for the starring role. "Watching your own mother wreak havoc amidst cakes and jelly, soundtracked by my new single, was a surreal experience", Zoe shares, underscoring the bold and stylish essence of the music video.

🎧 Check out the video for ‘Evilin’ below

👉 If you’re at Wide Days, make sure to catch Zoe’s showcase at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, tonight from 22:00-22:30

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