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Akon says Kanye’s offensive comments are all part of his bid to become President

By | Published on Thursday 17 November 2022

Kanye West

Akon reckons that Kanye West’s recent spate of offensive remarks and stunts – which have drawn much criticism, of course, and seen him banned from both Twitter and Instagram, and also lose numerous business deals – are all part of a bid to become the next President of the United States.

Even stranger, Akon presents this like it’s some kind of good and clever thing. West – he has decided – is not only planning to run for the US presidency again in 2024, but has recognised that if he’s going to be successful he needs to draw votes away from Donald Trump. And the best way to do that, it seems, is to be racist and antisemitic.

“I think Kanye is smarter than y’all think”, says Akon in a new interview with sports commentator Shannon Sharpe. “What is his next plan? To run for office, right. I’m just sayin! From our knowledge, his next plan is to run for office, right? Who was his main endorser? Trump. In order for Kanye to have a shot, he needs to have a piece of that base. This is how he’s getting it. And he knows this!”

West, of course, ran a pretty disastrous presidential campaign back in 2020, where he only stood in a few states and secured a little over 60,000 votes. It has subsequently been claimed that his main goal was to split the vote in key areas to the detriment of Joe Biden, in the hope that it would help Trump to get re-elected.

Earlier this year West did say that he “absolutely” plans to run for President again, although he has not yet announced formal plans to stand in 2024. Akon, meanwhile, has previously said that he’d like to be West’s Vice President, so maybe his comments are all a ruse as well.

Actually, Akon says in this new interview that he’s really just keen for West to be given a fair hearing.

“I’m always defending the people that nobody wants to defend”, he says. “I’ma always defend Kanye West because I always believe, in life, an opinion is just an opinion. If Ye says something that I don’t agree with, I just don’t agree with it. But I’m not gonna go jumping all mad and letting it affect my energy”.

In the event that West does stand for President again in two years time, it’s still not a given that Donald Trump will be going up against him. The former President did announce plans this week to stand for a third time, however it’s not a given that the US Republican Party – which finally seems to be growing weary of him – will select him as its candidate.

Though, I guess, he could also stand as an independent, which is unlikely to result in success in the election itself, but could tangibly harm the Republicans, which Trump would presumably be keen to do if they rejected him in the primaries.

No idea what that turn of events would mean for any presidential bid from West. Though, if Akon’s right, maybe super smart Ye has already factored that into his grand plan.