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Alice In Chains sell rights to Primary Wave and Round Hill

By | Published on Tuesday 8 February 2022

Alice In Chains

Primary Wave and Round Hill have acquired music rights and royalties from Alice In Chains. Not jointly, mind. No, they’ve each got the rights of a different set of band members.

On one side, Primary Wave has partnered with the estates of late frontman Layne Staley and original bassist Mike Starr, taking a stake in their respective publishing catalogues and recording royalties.

Meanwhile, Round Hill is working with surviving band members guitarist Jerry Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney, bassist Mike Inez and current frontman William Duvall. It gets a larger catalogue, covering more recent works not involving Staley (who died in 2002) and Inez’s share of songs recorded since he replaced Starr in 1993. The deal covers publishing, masters and so called neighbouring rights.

“Primary Wave is pleased to partner with the estates of Layne Staley and Mike Starr to honour their musical legacies as part of the classic era line-up of Alice In Chains, who created the amazing songs and records that comprise the albums ’Dirt’ and ’Facelift’, and the acoustic EPs ’Jar Of Flies’ and ’Sap’”, says the company’s David Weitzman. ”These projects represent the greatest works from one of the best artists of the iconic 90s Seattle-based grunge era”.

Of his company’s deal, Round Hill CEO Josh Gruss says: “Over more than three decades Alice In Chains has cemented its place in the annals of rock history. As one of the greatest bands of their generation they helped trail blaze a global musical movement and their songwriting, recording and performances have remained consistently exceptional ever since. Seeing them perform at Lollapalooza in 1993 changed my life and now it’s happening again. I couldn’t be more excited”.

The band’s most recent album, ‘Rainer Fog’, was released in 2018.