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Apple Music now two million premium users ahead of Spotify in the US

By | Published on Monday 8 April 2019

Apple Music

Apple Music now has two million more paying subscribers in the US than Spotify, according to sources cited by Reuters. So, get out your streaming stats blackboard and update that why don’t you?

Here are the specifics you need to chalk up. As of the end of February, 28 million Americans were paying to stream via Apple’s music platform, while a mere 26 million were paying to use Spotify. However, Spotify still has a bigger reach in the US overall thanks to its freemium level. Though Apple could also include the nine people who tune in to the Beats radio station in its stats brag, I suppose.

The Wall Street Journal reported last year that Apple Music was starting to out-perform Spotify Premium in its home market, three years after its launch. Worldwide, of course, Spotify has a significantly bigger premium subscriber base on top of its 110 million plus freebie users.

Although Spotify now publishes user number updates as part of its quarterly financial reports, it doesn’t give a country-by-country breakdown. Apple occasionally reveals approximate user number stats, usually casually dropped into interviews, though it hasn’t done so for nearly a year now.