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Approved: Jerkcurb

By | Published on Tuesday 12 July 2016


Two and a half years after his first appearance in this column, King Krule associate Jerkcurb – aka Jacob Read – has released his debut single, ‘Night On Earth’. And it has certainly been worth the wait. A laidback soft collision of floating guitars, over which vocals drift and drums clap like distant thunder, it is available digitally now ahead of a seven-inch release on 12 Aug.

“About five years ago, I started speaking to a girl on the internet”, says Read of the inspiration for the song. “It began kind of accidentally, but it went on for the best part of a year. It was a secret thing, I didn’t tell anyone. Over time it got very intense for me, I really had to meet her, but the only way I could rationalise meeting her face to face was amidst some kind of apocalypse – world ending type situation”.

He continues: “That’s kind of where the song comes from. I had this image in my head of the world ending, faces full of despair, pain and agony, lots of people crying, then the camera pans to this guy; a nerd, pimples on his face, and this wide grin, because he finally got to kiss this girl of his dreams. It’s about selfishness amidst passion and instinct, selfishly in love with a girl who only succumbs to his desire because she doesn’t want to die alone. Which is very fucked up. But maybe she secretly likes him too. In some ways it’s about hope amidst darkness”.

Listen to ‘Night On Earth’ here…

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