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Approved: Nautic

By | Published on Monday 30 June 2014


A London trio bright with credentials, Nautic consists of now-twice-approved mover/shaker Bullion (real name Nathan Jenkins, also the boss of the band’s label, Deek), Young Turks and XL Recordings A&R Tic Zogson, and main vocalist Laura Groves, aka Blue Roses, who released a solo LP via XL back in 2009.

Nautic have now backed up 2012’s dewy single ‘Fresh Eyes’, which is still as crisp as ever, with an equally dreamy track titled ‘Freedom Of The Floor’, itself the lead to Nautic’s ‘Navy Blue’ EP, out, um, “soon” on Deek.

Alive with the push and pull of the trio’s mixed tastes, it finds Groves’ softly-softly soprano leaning gently against a patent Jenkins beat and, just because, a beautiful Spanish-style strings finale to fade.