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Approved: Ohmme

By | Published on Tuesday 10 March 2020


Indie-rock duo Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart – aka Ohmme – have just announced that they will release their second album, ‘Fantasize Your Ghost’, this summer. Setting anticipation high, they re-emerge with immediately infectious new single ‘3243’.

The video for the song was filmed in Mexico City and directed by Alejandra Villalba GarcĂ­a, who reveals: “Sima and Macie explained to me that the song was about seeing the landscape [of your] neighbourhood change in front of your eyes even though you don’t want it to change”.

“I thought that the first half of the video should be about them staying, still trying to resist change as the scenery around them changes quickly”, she adds. “The tall dark figure represents change and how it keeps getting closer to them until there’s no escape. When they fight with another version of themselves, the newer versions are the ones that win because they embrace change”.

Similar shifts in tone are apparent in the song too; the duo playing with moods through subtle shifts in time signature. The verses in 11/8 are jerky and wrong-footing, while a move to 12/8 in the chorus opens the song out into more recognisable comfort. As the song builds, it settles more and more into the latter pattern of beats, becoming more comfortable with itself.

‘Fantasize Your Ghost’ will be released through Joyful Noise on 5 Jun. Watch the video for ‘3243’ here: