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Axl Rose to blame for everything

By | Published on Monday 9 May 2016

AC/DC Rock Or Bust

AC/DC’s return to touring with Axl Rose on vocals seems to have got off to a flying start, but, just in case, the Guns N Roses frontman was on damage limitation duty last week. Following news that thousands of fans had sought refunds rather than see the band with anyone other than Brian Johnson up front, Rose was keen to take the blame for his involvement in the shows.

“I called the day I read about it in the news that there was a situation going on with Brian’s hearing”, Rose told BBC News. “I called a guy who’s their production manager right now, because I knew there was going to be a problem with having dates on sale and dates sold and stuff like that. So if I could help, and if I was able to do it, and they were interested, I’d love to help. And that’s how it started”.

“I wasn’t looking at it like, ‘I’m singing for AC/DC'”, he added. “I was looking at it like, ‘Y’know, if I can, and if they think I’m able to do it'”.

“A lot of the ‘Back In Black’ stuff is really challenging”, he said of performing the band’s songs. “I’m not here in any way out of any disrespect to Brian. I can’t take anything away from his singing at all. He’s a great singer and it’s really challenging to sing it. I’m just trying to do it justice for the fans”.

But just look at Axl Rose riding around on a scooter.