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Azoff adds another marketing agency to his new business

By | Published on Thursday 10 April 2014

Irving Azoff

Former Live Nation boss man Irving Azoff has further ramped up the marketing services side of his new business, Azoff MSG Entertainment, by buying a 50% stake in an American brand partnerships agency called Burns Entertainment.

Following on from his buying a 50% stake in experiential marketing firm Pop2Life last month, Azoff’s latest deal sees him take half of Burns, which matches big name brands with music and celebrity partners. Presumably so that the marketing directors of the former can pretend they actually work in showbiz, while the latter get to issue those always fun fatuous statements about how their rise to fame makes them just like Dr Pepper, or some such.

Nah, I’m sure the celeb/brand partnerships the Burns team manage are much more sophisticated than that. Though that is sort of what Macklemore said as part of a Burns-negotiated ad-tie-up with the popular fizz seller earlier this year.

Anyway, Allison Statter, who heads up the commercial division at Azoff MSG, confirmed the latest acquisition, telling Billboard: “Irving’s strategy here is to create a group of companies that all complement each other, that can all work together, that at the same time are all beneficial to our clients on the [artist] management side. The biggest thing about all these companies that Irving has rolled up is he feels strongly about their business model, and feels our company can be instrumental in growing their businesses”.