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Bauer extends its radio reach in Finland via Mediatakojat purchase

By | Published on Tuesday 9 March 2021

Bauer Media

Bauer Media continues to expand its radio business across Europe through acquisition, this time announcing a new deal in Finland.

The media firm is buying Finnish broadcaster Mediatakojat. Bauer’s own Finnish division has already been working with Mediatakojat on various projects, including collaborating on the launch of two new stations last year called Kasari and Ysäri. By acquiring Mediatakojat, Bauer will further enhance its position as the market leader in the radio sector in Finland.

Confirming the deal, Paul Keenan, President of Bauer Media Audio, says: “This acquisition will build on the innovation we have driven in digital audio. This includes the launch of two new radio stations, Kasari and Ysäri, in cooperation with Mediatakojat, both of which strengthens our position as a pioneer in the Finnish audio business”.

Bauer currently operates radio stations in a total of seven European markets. As well as Finland that includes Poland, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and, of course, the UK. Plus it is about to enter an eighth European market via its recently announced acquisition of Irish media firm the Communicorp Group.

It’s also been busy growing its radio reach in the UK in recent years, of course, also via acquisition, with a flurry of deals in 2019 that saw it acquire local stations previously operated by Celador Radio, Lincs FM Group, UKRD and the Wireless Group.