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‘Big-selling band’ to headline Pyramid Stage, says Michael Eavis

By | Published on Wednesday 30 April 2014


Glastonbury fest’s resident ‘big tease’, Michael Eavis, has let slip several key hints re the ID of this year’s secret third main stage headliner.

Speaking via the Bristol Post, Mike said the mystery act, who’ll join already-confirmed bill-toppers Arcade Fire and Kasabian (☹) on Glasto’s 2014 bill, closing the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday (29 Jun), is “one of the biggest-selling bands in the world at the moment”. And apparently, claims the Post, Eavis also confirmed that this big-name band will make its first appearance at the festival this year. So it isn’t Coldplay, or any of this lot.

Oh, and it 100 million % is not – I said NOT, no matter the implications of Liam ‘LG’ Gallagher’s lil Twitter spelling bee last week – Oasis. How do I know? Because Michael said so, to the Bristol Post. And no one fucks with the Bristol Post.

“The Oasis thing had nothing to do with us, we hadn’t even considered asking them”, said Eavis when quizzed on the ‘O A S I S’ topic, adding: “I’m not sure that Noel is ready to go back on the road with Oasis because he has his own band at the moment. I think if it were to happen and they did come back to Glastonbury it would probably be in four or five years time – I can’t see it happening before then”.

Nor can I, not for all the teabags, instant noodles and/or condoms in the world.

Anyway, all this ‘secret headliner’ mess will be tidied nicely when the Glasto 2014 listings are revealed in their great, great entirety, in ‘early May’. Which is any day now, basically.