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CMU’s One Liners: Australia in Eurovision, Madonna on Grindr, Suede named Godlike, and other things that are actually happening

By | Published on Wednesday 11 February 2015


Other notable announcements and developments today…

• The Orchard has announced a strategic partnership with German music services company Membran Entertainment Group to expand both companies’ reaches in Europe and worldwide. “Thrilled”, said Orchard CEO Brad Navin, obviously. “Constellation”, added Membran’s Manlio Celotti.

• Australia will compete in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Austria. The still to be named singer for the non-European country will get a pass straight to the grand final too. I know, bullshit, right? It’s just a one-off though. “This”, said contest overseer Jon Ola Sand. “Broadcasting”, added Michael Ebeid of Aussie broadcaster SBS.

• In her bid to promote her new album on every bit of social media ever, Madonna has launched a competition on Grindr.

• Bands still insist on using bespoke videogames to promote their music, even though they’re always, without fail, really rubbish and disappointing. Look, Torche have done it now.

• There’s a new Kendrick Lamar track called ‘The Blacker The Berry’. How good is it? This good.

• Well, Jessie J’s going to release a new single, and there is apparently nothing we can do about it. It’s called ‘Masterpiece’, it’ll be out on 23 Mar, and this is it.

• I assume this here photo is something to do with the new Faith No More album.

• Emile Haynie has released a new track featuring not only Lykke Li, but also Romy from The xx. It’s called ‘Come Find Me’. Here it is.

• The Go! Team will play a live show at Village Underground in London on 17 Jun. The latest single from new album ‘The Scene’ is called ‘Blowtorch’. How do I know? Because it’s here.

• Icelandic musician Bardi Johannsson has dusted off his Bang Gang project for his first album under the name in seven years. There are no actual details of the album yet, but there is a single, ‘Out Of Horizon’.

• Hardcore trio Maths are back with a new album for Tangled Talk Records. ‘The Fires Courting The Sea’ will be out on 23 Mar. It has a song on it with the same title, which is what this is.

• Ry X of The Acid and Frank Wiedemann of Âme and Innervisions have announced that they will release a collaborative album, titled ‘Sacred Ground’, under the name Howling. It’ll be released by Counter Records and Monkeytown on 4 May. Video.

• Suede are going to receive the Godlike Genius award at this year’s NME Awards. See? It’s just a matter of waiting long enough.

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