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Dotcom steps down as Mega director

By | Published on Thursday 5 September 2013


Kim Dotcom has stepped down as a director of Mega, the cloud storage company he launched earlier this year exactly twelve months after the US authorities shut down his original company MegaUpload.

Dotcom will cease having an active role in the new Mega venture to concentrate on other projects, including the long-mooted Megabox direct-to-fan platform (that isn’t called Megabox anymore, apparently), as well as his various legal battles with the US and New Zealand governments. And, of course, there’s that plan to launch a new political party in his adopted country to compete in next year’s New Zealand elections.

According to news service BusinessDesk, a filing to the New Zealand Companies Office last week confirmed Dotcom’s decision to step down as a director of Mega, and the firm’s CEO Vikram Kumar has also now confirmed the move.