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Dr Luke sues Kesha’s lawyer for defamation over Lady Gaga rape claims

By | Published on Tuesday 9 December 2014

Dr Luke

Dr Luke has filed a defamation lawsuit against Mark Geragos, the lawyer representing Kesha in her lawsuit against him.

As previously reported, Kesha has made a number of serious allegations against pop producer Dr Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, whose label and music publishing outfit she signed to aged eighteen.

The singer says Gottwald forced her to “take drugs and alcohol in order to take advantage of her sexually while she was intoxicated”. The claims appear in a lawsuit filed by Kesha against Gottwald in the LA courts, which also accuses the producer of actual rape, and of creating an environment that led to the singer suffering from bulimia. Gottwald denies the allegations and has counter-sued.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Lady Gaga told Howard Stern in an interview that she had been raped when she was nineteen, though did not identify the perpetrator. Geragos later tweeted a link to an E! Online report on the interview with the question, “Guess who the rapist was?” When one fan replied “Lukasz”, Geragos responded in a since deleted tweet, “#Bingo”.

Aside from the fact that this doesn’t seem like particularly professional behaviour for a lawyer, both Gottwald and Gaga have denied that the accusation is true. In a statement a rep for Lady Gaga previously said: “This ridiculous, manufactured link between Lady Gaga and the Kesha/Dr Luke lawsuit is utterly incomprehensible. This simply isn’t true and how dare someone take advantage of such a sensitive matter”.

According to Rolling Stone, Gottwald’s new lawsuit states that, “through the publication of these ‘tweets’, [Geragos] unambiguously and crassly asserted that [Gottwald] was the ‘rapist’ who sexually assaulted Lady Gaga”. It adds that the producer has “never been alone with [Lady Gaga], has never touched her and has met her only twice for very brief periods of time”.

Gergaros meanwhile told TMZ: “I said it, because it’s true”.