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Ed Sheeran’s ketchup advert idea becomes a reality

By | Published on Tuesday 18 June 2019

Ed Sheeran Edchup

Earlier this month Ed Sheeran announced a partnership with Heinz which saw them launch some limited edition bottles of Tomato Ed-chup. The tie-up had begun with an Instagram post where Sheeran said he had an idea for a ketchup advert. But when the partnership was initially announced there was no ad. Where was the ad? Well, it’s here now.

Back in April, Sheeran posted on Instagram: “Yo @heinz I have an idea for a TV ad, if you wanna do one. If not, I won’t be offended, I could never be mad at you. Slide in my DMs or have your people call my people. Lots of love, your biggest fan”.

Ed Sheeran really is a big fan of Heinz ketchup, you see. He loves it. He has a tattoo of the brand’s label on his arm. That’s how much he loves it. He carries bottles of it around with him, just in case he suddenly needs some unexpectedly. That’s how much he loves it. He’s spoken about his love for it for years, but it was only recently that he thought of a good enough reason to try to work with Heinz to promote the condiment to a wider audience.

So, what was this idea? What was this spark of creativity that had him so excited and in turn excited everyone at Heinz enough to make it a reality? Well, it’s not so much an idea as it is a thing that happened. The advert is Sheeran acting out that thing that happened. And so that you definitely get what’s going on, he narrates it in a voiceover.

The voiceover is actually the pitch for the advert. I don’t know if Sheeran’s original pitch was that the advert should be him making his pitch. I feel like he probably thought someone would take his idea, run with it, and make it into something bigger. But, hey, it’s Ed Sheeran. If Ed has a half-formed idea, it’s probably worth throwing it out into the public realm as is to see if people like it. Come on, you’ve heard his albums!

“Heinz Tomato Ketchup superfan Ed Sheeran came to us with a great idea for a Heinz advert based on his own experience”, says the company. “We were THRILLED to make it happen. From one superfan to another. It has to be Ed Sheeran and Heinz”.

I don’t know if they’re actually going to put this shit on TV. No one under the age of 90 sees TV advertising anymore, do they? So I guess there wouldn’t be much point. It’s on YouTube though, which is known to be the favourite video platform of ad fans and ketchup lovers. So, ketchup lovers and ketchup fence-sitters, watch this stupid advert here: