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FUGA allies with Space Shower Networks on new Japanese digital distribution venture

By | Published on Tuesday 15 December 2020


Downtown-owned music distributor FUGA has announced a new partnership with Japanese music firm Space Shower Networks which will see the two businesses launch a new digital distribution venture in Japan early next year.

Space Shower already provides distribution, sales and marketing services to independent music companies in Japan. But, says the official statement, the all new Space Shower FUGA business will allow “Space Shower’s digital distribution clients to benefit from FUGA’s comprehensive range of technology services”, while FUGA will get “a unique platform to develop its existing business and service its large international client base in Japan”.

The record industry’s shift to digital has happened much slower in Japan, of course, with the country’s recorded music market still making 68% of its revenues by selling physical discs in 2019. Nevertheless, the shift to digital is now very much underway, with subscription streaming up 33% in the country last year.

That was something noted by Space Shower Networks boss Masashi Kondo when confirming the FUGA alliance earlier today. He said: “The Japanese digital market has been developing at a tremendous speed in recent years and changing the way music is consumed. FUGA’s cutting-edge technology and marketing capability make them the perfect partner to help grow our business and deliver the utmost value to our artists”.

Meanwhile, FUGA CEO Pieter van Rijn added: “This JV is the ideal collaboration for FUGA to drive the company’s continuing global expansion. The hugely experienced and professional Space Shower Networks team will be an enormous asset for both existing and future FUGA clients within the important Japanese music market”.