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Ghostly International becomes part of Secretly Group

By | Published on Thursday 18 June 2020

Secretly Group

Electronic music focussed US indie label Ghostly International has announced that it is becoming part of the Secretly Group. Secretly has distributed Ghostly’s releases since 2013.

Under the deal, which they are calling a “strategic partnership”, the Ghostly International label and its publishing company Ghostly Songs will both join Secretly, with the latter administered by Secretly Publishing. Ghostly founder Sam Valenti IV will become a managing partner of Secretly, while the Secretly Group’s owners Ben Swanson, Chris Swanson, Darius Van Arman and Phil Waldorf become partners at Ghostly.

“It’s a very personal affair, music”, says Valenti. “It’s hopes and dreams and ambitions for artists. It’s their lives, and yours. Trust and intention are focal to even starting, let alone finding new partners. Since Secretly started distributing Ghostly International in 2013, it’s been a dream to work alongside an ethical and creative family of labels, not to mention [the fact it’s been] our most productive phase as a label. It has given us the confidence to keep building”.

Van Arman adds: “Our belief is that the most important contributions to culture come from individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. Rather than growing just for growth’s sake, we choose to work with extraordinary artists and creative partners like Ghostly, to help truly nourish their creative works while maximising their impact”.

Ghostly International celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.