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Live Nation confirms official “fuel and lubricant sponsors” for US venues

By | Published on Tuesday 7 July 2015

Live Nation

Now, you’re probably sitting there with a big smug grin on your face thinking, “Well, I’m having quite a productive week, aren’t I?” But have you sorted out an official oil brand for your company yet? No, you haven’t. So wipe that smug grin off your face, because we all know deep down that really you’re achieving nothing.

Unless you work for Live Nation. If you work for Live Nation you can keep that smug grin on your face if you want. Let’s face it, if you work for Live Nation that smug grin ain’t going nowhere. Until the day of judgement. Because God hates Live Nation.

But the point is that Live Nation yesterday confirmed a marketing alliance with Shell Oil Products which, from this point onwards, will be the “official fuel sponsor” for Live Nation’s amphitheatre venues across North America. And if you thought that was exciting, wait till you hear that Shell company Pennzoil is also the “official lubricant” of the same said venues.

Actually, Live Nation already has a brand alliance with Pennzoil. Who could forget Pennzoil Backseat Pass? You remember, Pennzoil Backseat Pass. You know, that series of videos in which “musical artists perform a song in the backseat of a moving vehicle, bringing to life the natural connection between music and cars in a compelling way”. How did you forget Pennzoil Backseat Pass? It was so compelling.

But that’s not to say people can’t be ever more compelled, hence the new expanded tie up. “Along with the continued excitement of the web series”, says the press release, “the Shell and Pennzoil brands are aligning with the power of live music to create unique experiences for consumers and fans at select Live Nation venues”.

Or, in the words of Pennzoil Global Brand Director Doug Kooyman: “Over the past few years, Pennzoil has created an expanding footprint in the music category, enhancing fan passion for cars and music along the way. In 2015, together with Live Nation, Pennzoil will continue on their journey to take musical performances to the next level”.

These are exciting times in which to live, that’s for certain. Though Live Nation is missing a trick here. Bring “official lubricant” Pennzoil to the UK, smother the Wireless fence in the stuff, then let’s watch those gatecrashers try to climb over the barricades. That, I admit, would be compelling viewing.