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New job for Island Records boss Darcus Beese, he’ll now run Island Records

By | Published on Tuesday 29 May 2018

Darcus Beese

Universal Music last week confirmed that Island Records President Darcus Beese will soon move jobs within the major to become President of, erm, Island Records. Which would be confusing if you’d forgotten that there is a UK Island Records and a US Island Records. Did you forget that? What an idiot!

Confirming that yet another British music exec is heading Stateside to tell those pesky Americans how to run a record label, Universal Music top man Lucian Grainge – one of those British music execs who moved Stateside to tell those pesky Americans how to run a record label – said: “Few in the music industry have Darcus’s track record of creative and commercial success”.

He then mused on: “I’ve had the pleasure over the years of working closely with Darcus, who has impeccable creative instincts and takes a long-term view of artist development. I’m THRILLED he is taking on this new role and I’m excited to support him in signing, developing and breaking many more artists”.

Beese himself added: “Island Records was founded nearly 60 years ago by Chris Blackwell to serve as the home for boundary-defying and maverick artists with the ability to move popular culture. To this day, that mission continues to define and drive Island, whether in the UK or US, and I couldn’t be more proud to play a role in carrying on that legacy”.