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Nirvana and Sonic Youth not in Universal’s vinyl-on-demand programme

By | Published on Wednesday 17 July 2013


Universal Music has clarified its plans for a Beat Delete-style vinyl-repress service, stating that classic albums by Nirvana and Sonic Youth will not be part of the initiative.

As previously reported, Universal recently revealed plans to operate a classic album repress service via its vinyl-selling website Uvinyl. It’s very similar to the Beat Delete service run by Ninja Tune, which proposes the repressing of old albums, but said records will only be repressed if enough people pledge to buy them to make the venture viable. It’s a clever extension of the crowd-sourcing/pre-order approach some artists now take for new material.

In a survey of vinyl fans, Universal provided a list of records that were being considered for inclusion in the repress programme, and that included Nirvana’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ and Sonic Youth’s ‘Goo’. But the major says that while both those records will be made available via Uvinyl, they were never lined up for inclusion in the pre-order venture.

A spokesman told CMU: “In our recent Facebook survey to gauge interest in Vinyl On Demand, we mistakenly listed albums including Nirvana’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ and Sonic Youth’s ‘Goo’ as being part of the service. These records will be made available through our regular channels. We regret the error. The initial list of albums for Vinyl On Demand will be announced when the service is ready to launch”.