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Paypal drops trademark actions against Pandora

By | Published on Wednesday 22 November 2017


Paypal has dropped its trademark action against streaming service Pandora after reaching a settlement with the digital music firm.

It’s not clear whether that means Pandora will have to drop the ‘P’ icon it launched last year, though pretty much ever since the logo was launched it has used said ‘P’ in a variety of colours and incarnations in addition to its original PayPal-esque blue form.

As previously reported, Paypal sued Pandora back in May citing confusion on social media caused by the similarity between the music platform’s new branding and Paypal’s existing logo. The payment processing firm said Pandora’s new branding was particularly Paypal-like on the icon for its smartphone app.

Terms of the settlement deal that the two companies have now reached are not known, but according to Law360 they were approved by a judge in New York on Monday. The settlement brings Paypal’s litigation to a close.

Neither company has as yet commented on the deal. But at least it means Pandora can now fully focus on its core business of losing subscribers and money. I mean, providing top quality personalised music experiences to its users.