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Paypal sues Pandora over logo

By | Published on Tuesday 23 May 2017


Paypal is suing Pandora over the new logo the streaming service unveiled back in October last year. The online payments company says that similarities to its own logo, especially on its smartphone app, are causing confusion for customers.

According to the New York Post, a lawsuit filed by Paypal in New York last week claims that the similarity between the two company’s smartphone app icons “has interfered dramatically with PayPal users’ experience”.

As part of the legal filing, the company has included 20 tweets from apparently confused customers, including one who wrote: “I was a little confused when I opened PayPal and Barenaked Ladies started playing”.

Pandora’s logo “not only resembles, but openly mimics the PayPal logo”, says the lawsuit. And Pandora must be aware of the similarities, it adds, because “the PayPal logo is on the checkout page of”.

It goes on: “Even the slightest delay in locating and using PayPal’s payments platform causes customers inconvenience, and degrades PayPal’s standing with customers and merchants”.

Paypal says that it has attempted to resolve this issue with Pandora directly, but unsuccessfully, and is now seeking unspecified damages and a court ruling to stop Pandora from using its current logo.

Pandora has not yet commented on the case.