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Ryanair to sell gig tickets

By | Published on Monday 13 November 2017


Ryanair is moving into ticketing, and what could possibly go wrong with that? Nothing, that’s what. Tickets don’t usually get annual leave, so there’s no chance of a mix up there, and whoever needed to carry-on more than one small bag into a gig?

The airline is only sort of getting into ticketing anyway, in that it will be flogging tickets to travellers on its website alongside the hotels and car rental services that airlines are always so keen for you to bundle in whenever you book a flight.

Tickets to concerts, theatre shows and sporting events are being added to Ryanair’s website via an alliance with a company called Coras, which claims it is “changing the way tickets are sold online” via its “platform that lets customers buy tickets for any event or activity, through websites they already use”. Sounds fun. And The Edge off of U2 is an investor in Coras, so it must be good, right?

Says Ryanair’s Greg O’Gorman, who enjoys the very exciting job title of Director Of Ancillary: “We’re pleased to partner with Coras to launch Ryanair Tickets. Customers will benefit from very competitive prices as an easy add-on within their ‘MyRyanair’ account. Initially launching with tickets for shows in the UK, Ryanair Tickets will be extended to include events across Europe in the future”.

Meanwhile Coras boss Mark McLaughlin says: “Travel plans increasingly start with the purchase of an event ticket, whether it be for a Premiership football match or for a favourite music artist. Ryanair Tickets offers customers a more convenient and personalised experience to purchase the best event tickets across Europe”.