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SACEM allies with IBM in big data venture

By | Published on Friday 13 January 2017


French song rights collecting society SACEM has announced a new ten year alliance with IBM to build a thing called URights which, in case you wondered, and you possibly did, is a “new innovative rights collection and distribution services platform”. The new technology will help more effectively identify what songs are being used online, ensuring the right people get paid quicker, or at least that’s the plan.

Now, here’s the science bit. “Built on the IBM Cloud and infused with analytics solutions, URights is optimised for providing insights from data in a fast and easy way. IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop helps to manage and analyse trillions of digital sales made from the digital services providers while IBM Watson Explorer will provide the ability to analyse structured and unstructured data to find trends and patterns from the data”.

So now you know. SACEM CEO Jean-Noël Tronc says he is “THRILLED to partner with IBM, a global technology leader. We work constantly to improve our effectiveness and build on our leading position. We are pioneers in a rapidly evolving global marketplace, committed to maximising the value of our members’ rights in a fragmented online world – not just for music rights but also for audio-visual works”.

He continued: “We are passionate about ensuring a sustainable creative future by using the latest technology to enhance efficiency in identifying the usage of our members’ works – in any digital media, on any web platform. URights will enable us to better optimise collections and distributions to our members and for all the repertoires we are mandated to protect, in the most transparent way”.

Meanwhile, over there at IBM, Steve Canepa said: “The music and media industries face many complex challenges in the management of copyright materials from music to visual creation. The combination of our digital skills, and advanced analytics running on IBM’s global, secure hybrid cloud can help SACEM lead the industry to track and capture the value of online music”.