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Sony streaming service announces alliance with gig listing app

By | Published on Monday 20 January 2014

Sony Music UnLimited

With all the streaming music chatter this week likely to centre on the launch Stateside of the new Beats Music flim flam, perhaps let’s spend 48 seconds reminding ourselves that Sony Corp also operates a streaming platform.

Remember that? Go on, you know. Music UnLimited on the Sony Entertainment Network. They called it Qriocity for about a week. Coming back to you now? No. Oh well, they did and they do and you should remember that. Because PlayStation gamers like music too, you know.

Anyway, the Sony streaming service last week announced an alliance with Bandsintown, the gig listings app that’s a tiny little bit (aka exactly) like Songkick. Under the deal Bandsintown users will be able to listen to previews of tracks from artists playing gigs in their locale in the very near future at the mere tap of a screen. They’ll get full track previews for a few weeks, and then 30 second clips unless they want to sign up for Music Unlimited’s full service at a mere ten dollars a month.