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Spotify launches a website for songwriters, just like everyone wanted

By | Published on Thursday 11 February 2021

Spotify Noteable

Spotify has launched a new thing for songwriters, producers and music publishers, which I’m sure they’ll all tell you they’re delighted about. Called Noteable, it offers “one central space for the community to learn about everything Spotify has to offer, find new opportunities, and collaborate with each other”.

The new website will bring together the streaming service’s various existing songwriter focused initiatives, including publishing analytics and songwriter pages. You can also watch video interviews with songwriters and producers, including a new series aimed at students and emerging music-makers, called ‘How I Started, How It’s Going’.

As well as social media channels, there will be a weekly email newsletter for Noteable, highlighting industry news and notable new releases.

If you’re wondering why Spotify is doing this, it explains: “Whether you’re a publisher, a brand new songwriter, producer, or have numerous hits under your belt, we look forward to working with you, bringing these resources and opportunities into a new central home and expanding to new regions around the world throughout the year”.

Does that make it all clear? No? Well, maybe someone will write a song about it that can help. Anyway, here’s the website.