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TuneCore allies with Sentric to expand song right services 

By | Published on Tuesday 3 July 2018

DIY music distribution company TuneCore has announced a new alliance with Sentric Music, which will allow it to expand the song right administration services it offers to artists who use its platform to distribute their recordings.

TuneCore already offers music publishing admin services to those self-releasing artists who want such a thing, but will now expand said services. Among the incoming improvements, the company says, are “a clearer, smoother registration process and improved all-in-one dashboard”. Good times.

TuneCore top dude Scott Ackerman is THRILLED by the development. “We’re THRILLED to bring TuneCore artists these exciting enhancements to our publishing administration services”, says he. The developments “will help them earn additional revenue and get paid more quickly” he adds. “Our new partnership with Sentric Music is so important because it positions TuneCore’s songwriters to have the same collection profile as major artists across the globe and increases their money-making opportunities”.

Confirming the deal for Sentric, the firm’s CEO Chris Meehan added: “Much like TuneCore, Sentric was founded on the idea that new technology could shake up the traditional music industry and make it work for everyone. This deal takes that shared ethos a step further. For twelve years, our admin platform has allowed hundreds of thousands of rights-holders at every level get access to a fast, flexible, completely transparent service. We’re happy to extend that to many more creators and rights-owners through this TuneCore partnership”.