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Warner definitely out and iHeartRadio in at Snapchat Discover

By | Published on Tuesday 28 July 2015


Warner Music is definitely off the Snapchats, as first indicated last week, as the messaging app had a shake up of its Discover tab, where content and media owners get to push their bits in front of snapchatters.

The major was one of a select bunch of firms participating in the Discover channel when it was launched at the start of the year. Snapchat’s grand plan is to build ad income around the content service, in a bid to actually find a revenue stream.

As expected, BuzzFeed is replacing Warner Music as a content provider on Snapchat Discover, while iHeartRadio is seemingly taking the spot previously held by Yahoo! iHeart will provide artist interviews and features rather than actual music content. Whether that means the iHeart blob will be available beyond the US – unlike the iHeartRadio streaming service itself – remains to be seen.

There has been no official word on Warner’s departure from the messaging app, though there is some gossip that the major is still working with Snapchat on other concepts, it’s just that a presence on the Discover tab didn’t work out.