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‘X-Factor’ contenders told to stop singing Ed Sheeran songs

By | Published on Tuesday 29 August 2017


‘X-Factor UK’ returns for its 409th season this coming weekend (or at least it seems that way sometimes). In terms of host and judges, it’s exactly the same line up as last time, with Dermot O’Leary, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger all amazingly still alive.

And what’s more, all five are ready and raring to make yet more dreams come true for every single wannabe singer who’s looking for five minutes of fame and then a lifetime of obscurity. But what tips does host O’Leary have for this year’s long line of wannabes?

Well, mainly, don’t try and be Ed Sheeran. Don’t rock up and sing a song by Ed Sheeran. In an Ed Sheeran stylee. Why? Because the world doesn’t need a new Ed Sheeran. The world already has an Ed Sheeran. And some people would argue that’s already one too many.

“I think the most important thing is for people to be original”, O’Leary told reporters when asked for his top tips for contenders. “Every year we have people trying to be Adele, Sam Smith or, this year, Ed Sheeran – we do not need another one of those artists, we have them already. It’s incredible how many kids turn up with a guitar and do an Ed song”.

The ‘X’ host goes on: “I always wonder why you would bother doing that because you’re only ever going to get compared to him. But yeah, a few people have come along who I have thought I can envisage me playing their songs on Radio 2”.

Also presumably bored of lacklustre Sheeran covers, ‘X-Factor’ producers are apparently encouraging contestants to sing more original songs on this series of the ITV talent show.

“I think that’s a terrific idea”, mused O’Leary. “I think that comes from a girl on ‘America’s Got Talent’ who sang original songs all the way through the competition and won. It just goes to show that it can happen. So I’m all for it, I think it’s a really good idea”.

‘X-Factor’ wannabes who had been planning on singing a Sheeran song, but who are now persuaded to pen something original, could just follow the lead of their hero and rip off any old Matt Cardle track they can get their hands on. Only joking! No, if you’re songwriting Sheeran-style, you need to rip off a Marvin Gaye track. Only joking! I meant TLC.