Sep 15, 2023 1 min read

Atlantic marks 75th anniversary with vinyl reissue campaign

Atlantic Records has announced that is is marking its 75th anniversary with a year-long campaign of vinyl reissues personally curated by its US CEO and “admitted vinyl junkie” Craig Kallman

Atlantic marks 75th anniversary with vinyl reissue campaign

Warner Music’s Atlantic Records has announced a year-long campaign of vinyl reissues to mark the label’s 75th anniversary.

The collection of 90 releases from across the the label’s catalogue - which will be put out in partnership with another Warner division, Rhino Entertainment - has been curated by the CEO of Atlantic Records in the US, Craig Kallman, who himself has a vinyl collection numbering over two million records.

“Our 75th anniversary has given us an incredible opportunity to revisit the amazing range and depth of the music that Atlantic has released across the decades”, says Kallman.

“These albums are not only an extraordinary musical journey through the years, but a cultural one as well, reflecting a series of seismic social shifts. As an admitted vinyl junkie, I’m honoured and THRILLED to join with our colleagues at Rhino to give all this brilliant music the royal LP treatment. It’s been a true labour of love and the perfect celebration of this landmark anniversary”.

The first block of releases is out now, including albums from Lizzo, Aretha Franklin, Janelle Monáe, Billy Cobham, Stone Temple Pilots and Kehlani.

For those not on board with the vinyl revival, the company is also putting out a series of remixes on streaming services. Check all those out in this Spotify playlist here.

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