Sep 15, 2023 1 min read

Believe announces partnership with Darkoo and Tion Wayne

Believe UK will work with Darkoo and Tion Wayne on the release of their third collaboration to date, ‘Shayo’.

Believe announces partnership with Darkoo and Tion Wayne

Believe has announced a new partnership with Afroswing artist Darkoo and rapper Tion Wayne around the release of their new collaborative single 'Shayo'. It's the duo’s third collaboration to date.

Under the new deal, Believe will handle distribution and digital marketing of the new track, including leading on playlist pitching and streaming service partnerships.

Says Malena Wolfer, Believe UK's Director Of Artist Services: “I'm delighted that Darkoo and Tion Wayne have chosen to partner with Believe. They're both amazing artists in their own right and I'm incredibly excited to see them join forces on a single that's destined to transcend borders".

"Empowering hugely successful artists like Darkoo and Tion Wayne to release their music independently and on their own terms is a key mission for us", she adds. "Believe's global scale is a perfect fit for a truly global collaboration like this, and our entire team is excited to support Darkoo and Tion’s vision".

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