Apr 2, 2024 1 min read

Approved: Tian Qiyi

Brothers John Tian Qi and Charlie Tian Yi Wardle, making music as Tian Qiyi, blend electric jazz, hip hop and traditional Chinese instrumentation, employing a spontaneous approach that is demonstrated on their track ‘Incantation’

Approved: Tian Qiyi

Tian Qiyi, a duo composed of brothers John Tian Qi and Charlie Tian Yi Wardle, are breaking boundaries with their eclectic blend of electric jazz, hip hop and traditional Chinese instrumentation. 

While their father - the renowned bassist Jah Wobble, known for collaborations with Brian Eno and Björk, among many other things - adds depth to their sound, their mother, Zilan Liao, a skilled guzheng player from Guangzhou China, has provided them with a distinctive musical perspective.

Discussing their creative process, Charlie reveals, “Me and my brother focus on music made in the moment. We like to keep it spontaneous”. Reflecting on Tian Qiyi's rise, Jah Wobble comments, “As my career inexorably comes to its close, my sons are taking the mantle”.

The duo’s debut album ‘Red Mist’ serves as a testament to their bold experimentation. Featured track ‘Incantation’ epitomises their spontaneous approach, seamlessly blending genres and reflecting their dedication to preserving traditional Chinese music while exploring contemporary and psychedelic undertones.

🎧Watch the video for ‘Incantation’ below

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