Oct 30, 2023 1 min read

Eminem launches Mom's Spaghetti pasta sauce

Eminem is now selling jars of Mom's Spaghetti pasta sauce - although his special sauce selling website has already sold out

Eminem launches Mom's Spaghetti pasta sauce

Eminem last week announced that fans can now buy jars of Mom's Spaghetti pasta sauce online, meaning they no longer have to travel all the way to Detroit in order to sample it. Although, given the website set up to sell the sauce seems to have already sold out, maybe they do.

A Mom's Spaghetti pasta restaurant opened in the rapper's home town of Detroit in 2021, named - obviously - for the line in his track 'Lose Yourself' that goes "there's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti".

The idea of setting up a Mom's Spaghetti restaurant began in 2017 with a pop-up store endorsed by the rapper and then pasta-selling stands at some music festivals. But what if you want to use Mom's Spaghetti pasta sauce in your own recipes at home?

Well, last week on Instagram, Eminem announced that was now a possibility. "From the D 2 ur kitchen”, he wrote, “#momsspaghetti sauce is droppin 10/26".

It did indeed drop, with an official blurb declaring: "The thing about Mom’s Spaghetti is that it was born with a clear mission: taste like a leftover sauce the first time around. Those second day sauces bring something else to the table… something seasoned and experienced".

"Just crack open the jar", the blurb goes on, "heat a batch up and add your favourite s’ghetti or noodles: you’re ready to serve up a dish that won’t let you down".

Despite selling for $13 per 25 oz jar, demand was seemingly high, with the rapper's sauce selling website already sold out. But I'm sure Eminem's in the kitchen right now cooking up a new batch. Let him leave it standing long enough to ensure that "leftover sauce" taste and I'm certain you'll be able to order your own supply soon.

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