Nov 9, 2023 2 min read

One Liners: Peggy Gou x Lenny Kravitz, Confidence Man, Laura Jane Grace + more

Universal partners with Represent; Warner promotes Sean Michael Gross; new music from Peggy Gou and Lenny Kravitz, Confidence Man, Laura Jane Grace, HAAi, Logic1000, Tycho, Ellur, Zooey Celeste and Sarasara

One Liners: Peggy Gou x Lenny Kravitz, Confidence Man, Laura Jane Grace + more


Universal Music has partnered with Indian talent management agency Represent. The label will offer distribution, publishing and brand partnerships support to artists signed to the agency, and the two companies will develop new talent together.


Warner Music has promoted Sean Michael Gross to VP Warner Classics UK & North America. He joined the company in 2021 to head up Warner Classics in the UK. “I’ve been honoured to serve as the steward of our incredible artists and catalogue in the UK these past two years, and am excited to now add North America to my remit”, he says. “In my view, there has never been a more exciting time for classical music, with the breadth of new artists and repertoire that are expanding our definition of the genre, and more than a century of recorded music accessible at every curious listener’s fingertips”.


Peggy Gou has teamed up with Lenny Kravitz for new track ‘I Believe In Love Again’. “The 90s have had such a huge influence on my music”, she says. “People know about my love of the dance/house/rave scene from that time but I’ve always been a big R&B fan, and also a huge fan of Lenny. I listened endlessly to his 1998 album ‘5’ - my personal favourite - but his whole discography is great, totally timeless. He came into the studio and transformed the guide vocal into magic, writing new lyrics and creating that incredible guitar riff”.
Confidence Man have released new single ‘Firebreak’. The band say of the track: “Can’t stop won’t stop. We’re relentless. Almost incessant. So here’s ‘Firebreak’, custom made for the next Super Bowl halftime show. We got one word for you - phenomenal”.
Laura Jane Grace has released ‘Hole In My Head’, the title track of her new album of the same name, which will be out on 16 Feb.
HAAi has released new single ‘Always Ascending’ with Jon Hopkins and Kim-Bu. The track is taken from her DJ-Kicks compilation, which is out tomorrow.
Logic1000 has released new single ‘Self To Blame’ featuring Kayla Blackmon. Her debut album ‘Mother’ will be out on 22 Mar.
Tycho has released new single ‘Small Sanctuary’ featuring Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. “Innocent and unburdened by the trappings of modern life, children are a pure expression of the human condition”, says Tycho. “To watch them grow and learn is to witness a sanctuary for the human spirit. I wrote this song for my daughter who brings me limitless joy and inspiration”.
Ellur has released new single ‘The Woman’. “I wrote ‘The Woman’ with no intention of showing it to anyone or releasing it”, she says. “I wrote it just for me. But after slipping it into a few acoustic performances early this year, I received really inspiring feedback from people in the audience. Women were approaching me to tell me they liked the song with this knowing look and I felt an immediate connection to them. It actually felt pretty devastating that we had these experiences in common”.
Zooey Celeste has released new single ‘Big Trouble’ featuring Tei Shi. His debut album ‘Restless Thoughts’ is out tomorrow.
Sarasara has released new single ‘The Horrible Things’. Her third album ‘Elixir’ is out on 1 Mar.
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