Sep 11, 2023 24 min read

Setlist Podcast: Is Deezer’s new streaming model really artist-centric?

CMU's Andy Malt and Chris Cooke discuss Deezer’s plans for 'artist-centric' royalty payments and claims that criminal gangs are laundering money through streaming services

Setlist Podcast: Is Deezer’s new streaming model really artist-centric?

CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review key events in music and the music business from the last week, including Deezer’s announcement that it is making changes to the way it allocates revenues to tracks later this year, and claims that organised criminals are using streaming services to launder money.

Stories discussed this week

Deezer set to roll out Universal Music endorsed “artist centric” model to royalty payments in France next month
Deezer has announced that it will start using a new “artist-centric” system for allocating royalties in France next month, which will prioritise “professional artists” and “active engagement”, and exclude functional audio
Swedish tabloid alleges streaming fraud organised crime gang link
Swedish tabloid Svenska Dagbladet has published a report alleging that gangs in Sweden are using Spotify as a means of laundering money obtained through criminal enterprises
Key stakeholders say industry has shared responsibility to tackle crime links to streaming fraud
Two global music organisations have commented on the report in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet about criminal gangs using streaming fraud as part of their money laundering activities, renewing calls for the industry to take action
Ezra Collective become first ever jazz band to win Mercury Prize
Ezra Collective have become the first jazz act to win the Mercury Prize in its 31 year history. “We met in a youth club”, said drummer Femi Koleoso. “This is a special moment for every single organisation across the country ploughing their efforts and time into young people playing music”


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