Oct 24, 2023 1 min read

Simon Cowell invests in Lounges.tv

Simon Cowell has invested in direct-to-fan streaming platform Lounges.tv, which aims to offer talented online creators better opportunities to make money than on the likes of YouTube and TikTok

Simon Cowell invests in Lounges.tv

Simon Cowell is backing direct-to-fan streaming platform Lounges.tv. He has invested in the company and will also act as an ambassador for it.

Also backed by former manager Kiran Sharma and BBC iPlayer creator Ben Lavender, Lounges.tv aims to help creators - including musicians, comedians, educators and more - to deliver live or on-demand streams in way that offers better monetisation options than when making content available via the big user-generated content platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

“I am proud to be involved with and to support Lounges.tv”, says Cowell. “The artists and the audience, rightly, are making 100% of the decisions and Lounges.tv is giving talent another new type of platform to promote themselves”.

“I was really interested”, he goes on, “to learn that on Lounges.tv creators get paid within 24 hours and I thought that was a really good idea and hopefully will make a difference”.

Lounges.tv CEO Scott Green adds: "We are THRILLED to announce Simon Cowell as a shareholder of Lounges.tv. Simon is the undisputed global authority when it comes to talent recognition in this country and aligns perfectly with what our platform represents. Lounges.tv serves as the haven for exclusive content, where exceptional creators shine amidst the noise, garnering the recognition they truly deserve”.

“Creators and artists now have the opportunity to not only showcase their talent but also earn a fair income while pursuing their passion”, he goes on. “By eliminating the reliance on ads and introducing diverse fan-funding options, our platform departs from the conventional ad-centric model that values creators solely based on ad views and follower count, rather than their genuine talent. Together with Simon, Lounges.tv will be shaping the world of online talent”.

Founded in 2020, Lounges.tv says it now has thousands of creators signed up, using its on-demand and livestream video features, with the option to offer content for free or put it behind a paywall. The company pays out 80% of revenues to the creators.

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