Oct 17, 2023 1 min read

Universal Music launches production music subscription for online creators

Universal Production Music has launched a new subscription-based licensing platform called Universal Music For Creators. Online creators can access a catalogue of over 50,000 pre-cleared tracks, starting at $5.99 a month

Universal Music launches production music subscription for online creators

The production music division of Universal Music Publishing has launched a new subscription service for online creators, providing easier access for content makers looking to license production music for use in videos posted to platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

At launch, Universal Music For Creators offers access to a catalogue of over 50,000 pre-cleared tracks starting at $5.99 per month.

“We’re THRILLED to become the first major publisher to offer production music to content creators as a subscription service and grow the accessibility of our music catalogue”, says Jane Carter, President of Universal Production Music.

“With a brand heritage that signifies trust, quality and prestige, Universal Music For Creators will provide affordable, hassle-free music and sound effects for the most imaginative creators”, she continues. “We are excited to provide yet another innovative opportunity to support our talented production music songwriters and composers”.

Online creators that look to monetise their videos on platforms like YouTube commonly make use of production music, because if they include commercially released tracks the owner of that music is likely to claim the creator’s share of any ad income generated by their videos.

That said, although in theory production music is simpler to license, there are still some complexities with traditional production music licensing, which created opportunities for companies like Epidemic Sound, which developed a licensing model specifically with online creators in mind. It’s interesting to see Universal now do something similar.

The basic $5.99 Universal Music For Creators package offers access to over 50,000 tracks and 200,000 sound effects for personal use in videos and podcasts. A $12.99 a month package is aimed at more professional operations.


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