May 16, 2024 2 min read

Approved: Great Escape showcases - Thursday

Our pick of some of the best new acts playing The Great Escape in Brighton today, all of whom we guarantee will put on brilliant shows worth every minute of your time.

Approved: Great Escape showcases - Thursday

The Great Escape has just got underway in Brighton, with numerous artists playing shows in venues around the city. Here we’ve pulled together some of our top picks for artists playing today - all artists we love and know will put on a great show. Check them out if you’re there, and click through to read our full Approved articles on each.


Described as "Brian Wilson meets Death Grips”, Ebbb’s bold experimentation weaves together pulsating rhythms, immersive electronic production, sparkling melodies, layered vocal harmonies, and beats that shift from ambient to industrial.

Green Door Store, today 10.15pm
DUST, Saturday 9.30pm


Set to release her second album ‘Life Of The Party’ later this year, Dilettante’s musically ambitious and boldly honest songs evoke St Vincent but also firmly bear her own distinct mark. She recently released her latest single ‘Fun’, which she describes as the “feel-bad hit of the summer”.

Queens Hotel, today 9.15pm
The Hope And Ruin, Friday 2.30pm

Sailor Honeymoon

South Korean punk band Sailor Honeymoon made a big splash last year with their debut single ‘Cockroach’, delivered with Kim Deal-esque deadpan delivery. They arrive in the UK fresh from the release of their debut EP.

Green Door Store, today 7.15pm
The Hope And Ruin, Friday 8pm

Zoe Graham

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Zoe Graham writes catchy songs with a bright, self-assured quality. She’s just released her latest single ‘Evilin’, which she describes as “a battle cry” that portrays “a figure who's simultaneously relied upon and feared”.

Horatio’s, today 10.15pm

Angélica Garcia

Having signed to Partisan Records late last year, Angélica Garcia recently returned with her first new music of 2024 - her own take on cumbia music, ‘Juanita’. In-keeping with her tendency to jump between genres, she slots this sound effortlessly into her sonic palette with expert style.

Komedia Basement, today 8.15pm

Earth Tongue

The five year wait for Earth Tongue’s second album is almost up, with ‘Great Haunting’ set to arrive this summer. Out now is the first single from the LP ‘Bodies Dissolve Tonight’, which shows off their fuzzy psych-rock sound perfectly and might just make them your new favourite band.

Three Wise Cats, today 9.30pm

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