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BMG Production Music partners with video creation platform Wibbitz

By | Published on Thursday 8 August 2019


Online video creation platform Wibbitz has done a deal with BMG Production Music to make it easier to dump music onto your fancy looking visuals.

So, let’s say you’re using the good old Wibbitz platform to make an Instagram story promoting your new company selling socks for people who have one massive big toe, now you’ll be able to choose from over 250,000 pieces of music to drive even more engagement from the big big toe community.

Wibbitz CEO Zohar Dayan – maybe take a moment to fully appreciate that name – says of the deal: “The Wibbitz video creation platform is built on quality and accessibility, which are the same values that BMGPM brings its customers and partners”.

With all those shared values in mind, he adds, “We’re THRILLED to be working with BMGPM – their reputation in the music industry and collection of production music is unmatched. We share a common vision – to support the creator community and make quality content production possible and available on a broad scale. The addition of their catalogue will undeniably enhance the quality of our users’ videos, all while making the video creation process easier and more enjoyable than ever”.

SVP Global, Sales, Marketing & Repertoire at BMGPM, John Clifford – no pause – adds: “BMGPM truly believes in the power that production music can deliver and it’s evident that Wibbitz believes the same. Our partnership will continue to champion the hidden hit makers of our catalogue, connecting their music with brands and media companies to leverage the reach of Wibbitz videos and further establish the creative prowess of production music”.

But why the fucking fuck am I telling you all of this with words? Words are over, people. It’s all about visuals and production music now. So, wouldn’t it make more sense for this to all be explained in a video created on Wibbitz using BMGPM music? Yes. Yes it would. So, let’s all just pretend I did that from the start. Here’s the video.