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S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole discusses selling BRIT Award

By | Published on Thursday 18 January 2018

S Club 7

S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole has spoken to the NME about his decision to sell his 2000 Best Newcomer BRIT Award on eBay. Listed earlier this month, it sold on Monday for just over £66,000.

Explaining the decision to sell the trophy, he explained that he’d struggled to find work after being injured during a production of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’, in which he appeared last year.

“There was an un-choreographed bit of dancing [that went wrong] and someone fell on me”, he says. “I was out of the show for about two months. My back has gone – it hasn’t been right since. Things just haven’t gone well this year [in terms of finding work] with that injury”.

Around £30,000 will go on clearing debts, says Cattermole. The rest, he adds, might go on recording an album of Motown covers. “I’ve always wanted to record a covers album”, he admits. “I know it’s a cliché to do it, but the reason people do it is that they sell” .

He adds: “Polydor bought the Motown back catalogue at the end of the 90s and they were our label, so I should ask if I can record some of them”. Not that he’d need Polydor’s permission, the Universal record company controlling the recordings not the songs. Maybe Cattermole should use some of that new found cash to come on a CMU Insights music rights seminar.

Prior to turning to eBay, the one time S Clubber adds that he’d hoped to be able to make some money by appearing on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’, but was rejected. “I have asked them many times if they will let me in and they won’t have me”, he says. “I’m not famous enough, apparently”.

That’s pretty harsh, given the level of fame of some of the people who do get put on the show. Something not lost on Cattermole, who now assumes that “they just don’t want me”.

But, hey, he’s sold that BRIT Award now, so all is good. All he has to do in order to get his cash is go and personally hand it to the winning bidder, as promised in the eBay listing. Though therein also lies a problem.

“I know the guy – he’s a fan”, says Cattermole of the buyer. “I’ve seen his name on social media. The fact that it’s gone to a fan is awesome. But he’s well over a ten hour flight away, so the hand-delivery situation is a bit difficult”.

Still, this hasn’t dissuaded him. His 2002 Best Single BRIT is now up for sale. Apparently in better condition than the last one, this trophy has already reached bids just shy of the final sale price of the last. Although he does state this time that he will only personally deliver it within the UK.