Nov 17, 2023 1 min read

Dolby teams up with Ed Sheeran on Atmos promoting campaign

Dolby has teamed up with Ed Sheeran for a new marketing campaign that insists that fans will love his music even more when experienced via Dolby Atmos

Dolby teams up with Ed Sheeran on Atmos promoting campaign

Dolby has teamed up with that Ed Sheeran fella for a new global brand campaign that is using the slogan 'Love more in Dolby' because, well, why not? I think the point is that you will love your favourite artists’ music even more when experienced in a Dolby format.

The tie-up sees Sheeran stating that Dolby's spatial audio format Atmos pushes him in the studio to make music that "sounds perfect". You can decide for yourself whether that perfection has yet been achieved with Sheeran's output.

To help you with that, Dolby has produced what it calls "a short concert vignette" focused on his track 'Magical' from recent album 'Autumn Variations'. Directed by filmmaker Colin Tilley, it "explores how Dolby Atmos unlocks artistic expression at its fullest creative capacity while visualising how fans can 'love' Sheeran’s music even more when experienced in Dolby".

Says Sheeran: “When Dolby Atmos first came out, I remember going around a mate’s house and trying it out and thinking ‘this is amazing’. Seeing companies like Dolby continue to make music better pushes me as well because, when you are in the studio, you want to make something that sounds perfect. I think it’s incredible that Dolby Atmos is pushing music to new boundaries".

Adds Dolby Laboratories marketing chief Todd Pendleton: “Today, we kick off the celebration of ‘Love more in Dolby’ with Ed Sheeran, one of the most remarkable global artists of our time. We take viewers on a journey exploring the artistry of Ed’s latest song ‘Magical’ while visually illustrating how Dolby Atmos unlocks a more intimate listening experience, which allows fans to love their favourite artist even more when experienced in Dolby".

As well as the 'vignette', there's also a short interview with Sheeran on Dolby's website.

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