Oct 18, 2023 1 min read

Grimes calls on Taylor Swift to “unite” the US with presidential run

Grimes has said that Taylor Swift is the only person who could “unite the country” in next year’s US presidential election

Grimes calls on Taylor Swift to “unite” the US with presidential run

The next US presidential election is fast approaching. And by “fast approaching”, I of course mean “still fucking ages away”, but somehow we’re already deep into campaigning. One person still not in on the act though is Taylor Swift. But Grimes nevertheless reckons that she’s the one person who could unite the US population.

“In many ways Taylor Swift is the only presidential candidate who can unite the country”, Grimes tweeted yesterday. “Trump v Swift is totally occurring in a parallel universe right now”.

The musician was responding to a comment made by an AI version of herself, who claimed that “Taylor Swift as President would course correct society and fix carbon emissions in ten years”. So who knows how serious any of this was. She (the real Grimes) also mused that Swift would “be preferable as a Republican … actually unbeatable at that point”.

Either way, it’s obviously unlikely that Swift will be the next US President, even with both the real and AI Grimes lending their support. Aside from the fact that she’s expressed no interest in running, Swift will be out of the US on a world tour for much of next year.

Also, she’s not yet 35, which is the minimum age to run for US President. Although, actually, she will be that age by the time the next President takes office. And I’m not sure exactly how that rule works. But the point is, Taylor Swift is not running to be the next President of the USA.

When it comes to people actually in the running being endorsed by musicians, Donald Trump now has the support of Wake Flocka Flame - so says both the rapper himself and the official Trump campaign.

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