Jun 13, 2023 1 min read

Grimes “very stoked” to distribute AI tracks through TuneCore

Grimes “very stoked” to distribute AI tracks through TuneCore

DIY distributor TuneCore has announced a partnership with Grimes to distribute music created using the AI version of her voice. The distributor will then sort out splitting any monies generated by those tracks between Grimes and the other music-makers.

During the recent flurry of AI-generated tracks that imitate the voices of existing artists, Grimes announced that she would be happy for people to release music with an AI-generated version of her voice, providing they agreed to share any recording royalties 50/50. She then launched a website where people can get AI-generated Grimes-style vocals for songs they have written.

That website was a partnership with a company called CreateSafe, using the firm’s Triniti system which, according to the official blurb, is “a landmark platform for generative music AI”. Believe-owned TuneCore has now come on board to handle the distribution of tracks created on the site.

Says TuneCore CEO Andreea Gleeson: “The use of AI allows artists to enhance their creativity, build a deeper relationship with their fans through co-creation, and establish a new revenue stream. It also expands the pool of music creators by making it easier for people to create music”.

“By joining forces with Grimes and CreateSafe”, she goes on, “TuneCore becomes a first mover in the space, providing artists the opportunity to engage with AI technology in an innovative, streamlined process that provides tangible value and enables consent, control and revenue splits at scale. Going forward we’re eager to explore similarly innovative initiatives on behalf of our artists”.

CreateSafe boss Daouda Leonard adds:” In partnering with TuneCore, we’re bridging the gap between the traditional music business and the future, streamlining cumbersome processes and reducing costs for the next generation of creators”.

As for Grimes herself, she states: “Very stoked to be working with CreateSafe and TuneCore to enable their users to distribute collaborations with GrimesAI to all major streaming platforms! Through this unique pilot partnership, I can consent to the use of my voice in other creators’ releases, share revenue and easily distribute everyone’s work. Excited to be trying new things!”

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