Nov 30, 2023 1 min read

Hall & Oates both make court filing as the legal dispute over their joint venture company continues

The legal dispute between Hall & Oates continues, with Hall accusing Oates of the "ultimate partnership betrayal", and Oates criticising the “inflammatory, outlandish, and inaccurate statements" that have been made about him

Hall & Oates both make court filing as the legal dispute over their joint venture company continues

Both Daryl Hall and John Oates made filings with the courts in Nashville yesterday ahead of a hearing later today in relation to a dispute over the future of their joint venture business Whole Oats Enterprises.

It emerged last week that there was a legal dispute between the two members of Hall & Oates. Although court filings were initially sealed, it subsequently transpired that Hall had gone legal to try to stop Oates from selling his share in their joint venture to Primary Wave.

According to the Associated Press, in a declaration filed with the court yesterday Hall explains that that JV company controls the Hall & Oates trademarks, personal name and likeness rights, receives royalty income from their recordings, and manages the duo's website and social media.

“While falsely contending over the last several months that [he] wanted to maintain ownership in WOE, John Oates … engaged in the ultimate partnership betrayal", Hall's declaration continues. “[He] surreptitiously sought to sell half of the WOE assets without obtaining my written approval".

Oates has also made a filing with the court, in which he expresses disappointment about the “inflammatory, outlandish and inaccurate statements" made in Hall's filings. He then claims that his recent business decisions were merely a response to decisions previously made by his musical collaborator.

“Over the years, Daryl has consistently and publicly been adamant about being perceived as an individual rather than as part of a duo or group", he writes. "On this point I agree. I now must act with truthfulness and make decisions that are right for myself, my family and my artistic future".

The Nashville court previously issued an injunction temporarily stopping any sale of Oates' share in WOE to Primary Wave. Hall is now seeking to extent that order while his legal proceedings and out-of-court arbitration continues.

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