Dec 1, 2023 3 min read

Setlist Podcast: Sony Music tells US politicians to act on AI loopholes

Sony Music's call for US Congress to act on AI legal loopholes, the big bust up between Hall & Oates over “the ultimate partnership betrayal” and more

Setlist Podcast: Sony Music tells US politicians to act on AI loopholes

On this week's show we have a good old chat about Sony Music exec Dennis Kooker's call for a US-wide publicity right through which artists can protect their voices and identity order to stop the unauthorised cloning of their vocals by AI, plus the big bust up between Hall & Oates over “the ultimate partnership betrayal” and more.

01: AI loopholes (00:06:54)
02: News in brief (00:16:53)
03: Hall & Oates (00:20:14)
(Timings may be slightly different due to adverts)


Sony Music digital chief asks Congress to close “legal loopholes” to ensure artists can stop authorised AI voice clones
Sony Music’s President of Global Digital Business Dennis Kooker has spoken at a US Senate session on AI calling for a US-wide publicity right to make it easier for artists to stop authorised voice clones
Hall & Oates both make court filing as the legal dispute over their joint venture company continues
The legal dispute between Hall & Oates continues, with Hall accusing Oates of the “ultimate partnership betrayal”, and Oates criticising the “inflammatory, outlandish, and inaccurate statements” that have been made about him


Shane MacGowan dies
Frontman of The Pogues, Shane MacGowan, has died. His family said that he passed away “peacefully” in the early hours of Thursday morning.
UK government pauses the blocking of the proposed London MSG Sphere - even though MSG has given up on the plan
The UK government has declared that a final decision should not be made just yet on whether to allow MSG to build one of its Sphere venues in East London, following last week’s decision by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to block the plan
BMG announces restructure to “future proof” the business
BMG yesterday announced a restructure of its operations because, says CEO Thomas Coesfeld, “new ways of creating and consuming music and looming changes in streaming economics are challenging us to do even better for our clients”
European Parliament committee calls for new EU rules to regulate streaming
The Culture Committee in the European Parliament has called for new rules in the European Union in relation to music streaming, seeking more transparency about streaming service algorithms and forcing platforms to better credit music-makers and rightsholders
Caity Baser, The Last Dinner Party and Sekou named BRITs Rising Stars
The nominees for this year’s BRITs Rising Star award have been announced. They are Caity Baser, The Last Dinner Party and Sekou


Spotify unwraps Wrapped - assigns everyone a Sound Town
Spotify Wrapped went live for 2023 yesterday with every user being assigned a Sound Town - a town or city selected based on what music they have listened to this year
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