Nov 9, 2023 1 min read

Spotify brings audiobook listening to US Premium accounts

Spotify is bringing audiobook listening to premium accounts in the US. Lucky Americans. They join users in the UK and Australia, who had the fifteen hours of audiobook access dumped on them last month

Spotify brings audiobook listening to US Premium accounts

Spotify has made audiobook listening available for free to premium subscribers in the US, following on from the introduction in the UK and Australia last month.

As in the UK and Australia, paying users will be able to listen to fifteen hours of audiobook content per month as part of their existing subscription. Anyone who hits that limit can also pay for a ten hour top up.

Why is Spotify doing all this though? Well, says the company: “We believe that offering personalised music and podcasts, and the best audiobooks on a single platform, gives you a superior way enjoy more than 100 million tracks, five million podcasts, and 200,000 audiobooks - and to connect with your favourite artists, podcasters, creators, and authors - all in one spot”.

So that's nice. Maybe Daniel Ek should compare notes with Elon Musk on how X's strategy to become an 'everything app' is going...

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