Dec 21, 2023 3 min read

Approved in 2023

Listen to every track we've featured in CMU's 'Approved' slot in 2023 – and see our top five tracks from this year's selection.

Approved in 2023

Each Tuesday and Thursday, CMU's Approved introduces a new artist we’re excited about. They may already have a strong catalogue of music behind them or might be releasing their first single, but we think each one is deserving of wider attention.

Spanning a wide range of genres, from mainstream to deeply experimental, there's a vast amount of music to delve into by the end of the year – and what better time than now to revisit it all?

We’ve collected music from all of the artists that we featured in 2023's Approved into a playlist that you can listen to on Spotify or YouTube, or explore the original articles.

It’s the perfect escape from Christmas music, an ideal soundtrack to last minute shopping, and a ready-made way to make visiting friends and family think that you know far more about music than they do.

There are five tracks that we think particularly stood out this year:

Approved: Slap Rash – Voice Lost
This powerful blast of post-punk drums and bass from the sibling duo gives you an idea of what to expect from their incredible live show.
Approved: Shelf Lives – All Grown Up
Dark humour and disappointment mix into an electro-punk sound in this gleeful Le Tigre-esque lament to the realities of adult life.
Approved: Delilah Holliday – Liquid Pearl
Skinny Girl Diet frontwoman Delilah Holliday returns with her signature dark textured electronic sonic palette.
Approved: Grove – Big Boots
A standout performance from 2023’s Great Escape, the furiously anti-monarchy ‘Big Boots’ gives an idea of how exciting Grove’s live show is.
Approved: Water From Your Eyes – Barley
Experimental pop duo draw humour from darkness in this tense and brooding track that couples deadpan vocals with disjointed and urgent musical backing.

Enjoy the playlist - we'll be back with Approved in 2024.

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